Police to receive increased training on domestic violence August 16, 2016
The NewsSun
"Domestic violence is often minimized and under reported, and we need to fight preconceived notions of what an abuse situation looks like," said Melinda Bush, D-Grayslake. "More training will assure our officers are better equipped to identify domestic violence situations."
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Bush, Illinois Press Association Warn About Fake Partisan Newspapers August 9, 2016
Pioneer Press
Senator Melinda Bush denounced the fake newspaper Lake County Gazette today and echoed the Illinois Press Association's warning that the fake paper's recipients should "question the legitimacy, integrity and intent of both the source and the message."
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'My heart leapt' August 8, 2016
Daily Herald
I was delighted to get a call this week from Betty-Ann Moore, former Lake County Democratic chairman and retired Libertyville Township supervisor, who unearthed my voice mail from a cellphone she says she keeps buried at the bottom of her handbag for emergencies.
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Area Democrats Given Prominent Roles At DNC July 27, 2016
Journal & Topics
Lauren Beth Gash called Mrs. Obama's and Sander's speeches, “Beyond belief,” and labeled Warren's as “extraordinary.”
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Convention could start 2018 Dem race for governor July 26, 2016
Daily Herald
Terry Link thinks the candidates will at least try to avoid a major battle. "I have a funny feeling that if there's three or four of them that are strongly interested," Link said, "that they'll be sitting down and talking about it."
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Clinton delegate says Obama terms 'went by way too fast' July 26, 2016
Daily Herald
Now at the Democratic convention, the Illinois delegation is watching the beginning of the end of Obama's second term. Terry Link is in Philadelphia, elected as a delegate for Hillary Clinton. "The eight years went by way too fast," Link says.
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