Veteran diplomat was inspired by suburban iconoclast mom January 23, 2017
Daily Herald
Long before he filled his passport with stamps from other countries or dreamed of zooming through a special customs line, Jonathan Moore watched his mother Betty Ann Moore blaze trails around the suburbs as a former Lake County Democratic chairman and Liberty Township supervisor. "Because of her work, I got very interested in public service as a teenager," Moore said. "I decided I wanted to work for the State Department."
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North Shore group helps women head to Women's March on Washington January 10, 2017
Pioneer Press
For a group of six Glencoe women devastated by Donald Trump's presidential victory, attending next week's Women's March on Washington was their logical next step in staying politically active.
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North Shore group helps women head to Women's March on Washington

Duckworth, Krishnamoorthi, Schneider sworn into 115th Congress January 3, 2017
Daily Herald
Brad Schneider was joined by his wife, Julie, and his parents for the ceremony. He described his swearing-in, this time, as a moment when the nation "is divided and so much is at stake." "I don't think anyone really knows what to expect," Schneider said of Republican business tycoon Donald Trump's upcoming presidential term.
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Illinois electors cast their 20 votes for Hillary Clinton December 20, 2016
NorthWest Herald
Former state Rep. Lauren Beth Gash, a Highland Park Democrat, took the opportunity of casting her electoral vote to urge Congress to investigate allegations that Russia interfered with the election. Democrats in Congress and elsewhere say there is evidence that Russia hacked U.S. computer programs and leaked information from them in an effort to help Trump. “There must be a thorough, independent investigation into who, what, where, when, and how this election may have been affected by anything other than the free and fair exercise of our right to vote,” Gash said, reading from a statement. “This election has been unprecedented on so many levels. So too must be our response. It’s critical that each of us does what we can to protect our democracy.”
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Illinois electors split over system to select president December 17, 2016
NorthWest Herald
Another elector, Nancy Shepherdson, is undecided about whether change is needed, but said she’s leaning toward repeal. The 61-year-old writer said she thinks Clinton is more prepared than Trump to be president and that part of an elector’s responsibility is to weigh whether someone should be in office, even if they won the election. “That’s what the founders believed. If a person is unfit for office ... the electors were the last line of defense,” Shepherdson said.
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Rockingham among North Chicago incumbents filing for re-election December 15, 2016
The NewsSun
The city of North Chicago will have a quiet primary season in 2017, as the three incumbent candidates for mayor, city clerk and treasurer are all Democrats running unopposed.
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North Chicago Mayor Rockingham Appointed Chairman of Military Communities Council December 15, 2016
The NewsSun
Since becoming Mayor of North Chicago in 2005, Leon Rockingham, Jr. has made the relationship between the City and the Naval Station Great Lakes a top priority. Through continuing partnerships and collaboration, the relationship between the two has never been stronger.
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Waukegan's 2017 primary an all-Democrat contest December 14, 2016
The NewsSun
Republican candidates will be absent on the Waukegan ballot for the February 28 primary elections.
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