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The 2020 Election is Almost Here: We Must Keep the Blue Wave Going

In 2018, Democratic candidates were elected all over Lake County. By winning five new seats, we flipped the county board to blue. And our new commissioners are already keeping their promises to promote more transparency and accountability.

All of Lake County is now represented by Democrats in Congress: Brad Schneider, Sean Casten and Lauren Underwood. We also picked up two state representative positions and all of our Democratic elected officials were re-elected. We also picked up three county-wide offices, including Sheriff, County Clerk and County Treasurer. Congratulations to all of our winners! Click here to meet our Democratic elected officials.

You can help us do even better. In 2020, re-electing our Congresspeople will be vital to protect our rights and prevent a Republican resurgence. Despite the success of the Blue Wave, we must redouble our efforts to elect more Democrats. Medicare, Social Security, voting rights, womenís rights, minority rights, public education, and our most vulnerable citizens are under attack. Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough: we need real gun reform. Income inequality, already a huge problem, is getting worse by the day. Both nationally and at the state and local level, the middle class and working people are the losers under Republican control. Progressive values are under attack. But you can help us fight back.

The Lake County Democratic Party works towards these goals by attracting and training good Democratic candidates, holding educational events, recruiting precinct committeemen to get out the Democratic vote, providing information about issues and much more. We need your help to transform this county and this country into one where the vital needs of people come first. Will you help? Click here to volunteer.

Celebrate Emily Young's Election
Saturday, April 20

Environmental Citizensí Advisory Council
Thursday, April 25

Donuts with Dan
Saturday, April 27

Environmental Town Hall
Hawthorn Woods
Saturday, April 27

Let's Talk Politics
Wednesday, May 1

Coffee and Conversation about Lake County
Saturday, May 11

Botterman Award Breakfast
Saturday, May 18

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County Dems work to ensure blue wave doesnít ebb
Itís been a little over five months since Lake County Republicans were drowned by the blue wave that swept many of them out of office. From Lake County Board members to state representatives, the GOP had its clock cleaned by a fired up Democrat Party. Democrats control the County Board and are in all but two of the countywide offices. The countyís congressional delegates are all Democrats, and most of the Springfield delegation is blue.
The NewsSun  •   4/15/2019

For first time in a decade, suburban voters have more options in local elections
In Lake County, voters will decide 38.2 percent of the races, up from 33.4 percent in 2017. Early voting throughout the state begins on March 18, with Election Day slated for April 2.
Daily Herald  •   3/9/2019

Pollwatcher credentials, training available in Lake County
Pollwatcher credentials are available to qualified political organizations for the April 2 consolidated election in Lake County. Pollwatchers are required to have credentials issued by the county clerk or Illinois State Board of Elections to observe at any early or Election Day voting site. Pollwatcher training is offered at 9:30 a.m. March 14, in the 6th floor Conference Room E at the Lake County Main Courthouse, 18 N. County St., Waukegan.
Daily Herald  •   3/8/2019

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