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It’s official: Now that Brett Kavanaugh has been elevated to the Supreme Count, there has never been more at stake for the future of our country than right now. Medicare, Social Security, voting rights, women’s rights, minority rights, public education, and our most vulnerable citizens are under attack. Income inequality, already a huge problem, is getting worse by the day. Both nationally and at the state and local level, the middle class and working people are the losers under Republican control. Progressive values are under attack. But you can help us fight back.

In 2016, despite the national tragedy of Trump, Democratic candidates in Lake County did very well. All of our Democratic elected officials were re-elected, we gained a U.S. Senator and a Congressman. We also picked up a county-wide office and Hillary kicked butt. You can help us do even better next time.

In 2018, winning Congressional elections will be vital to protect our rights from Donald Trump and the Republicans in Washington. And we'll be working to elect a governor whom we can count on to actually work for US.

The Lake County Democratic Party works towards these goals by attracting and training good Democratic candidates, holding events, recruiting precinct committeemen to get out the Democratic vote, providing information about issues and much more. Republican mismanagement at the County level is a story that we've dug into and are now spreading the word about, for example.

We need your help to transform this county and this country into one where the vital needs of people come first. Will you help? Click here to volunteer.

The Wave Rolls into 2020
Vernon Hills
Saturday, January 12

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Democrats formally take control of Lake County Board in wake of 'blue wave' election
November’s election saw the Lake County Board turn Democratic for the first time in its history, and members elected Sandy Hart as the first ever Democratic chairwoman Monday morning.
The NewsSun  •   12/3/2018

No more GOP majority on Lake County Board: Sandy Hart named its first Democratic leader
In the most significant symbol of the blue wave that swept over Lake County on Election Day, Sandy Hart has been named the county board's first Democratic leader. Hart, of Lake Bluff, was elected chairwoman Monday during a special re-organizational meeting of the panel in Waukegan. Voters sent enough Democrats to the board on Election Day to give the party a 12-9 majority, ending decades of Republican Party dominance. They also elected a Democratic sheriff, clerk and treasurer -- all of whom participated in swearing-in ceremonies Monday.
Daily Herald  •   12/3/2018

Lake County’s BLUE WAVE
"These victories show that Democrats in the 10th District are energized, organized, and winning over voters while local Republicans prove themselves to be out of the mainstream and out of touch,” Tenth Dems' founding Chair Lauren Beth Gash said in a release.
Politico.com  •   11/21/2018

Democrats pledge smooth transition, 'no wholesale firings' after Lake County 'blue wave'
“The sweep is complete, it was as blue as blue could be,” said State Sen. Terry Link of Vernon Hills, the county's Democratic Party chairman. The Democrats now hold 12 seats, and the Republicans hold 9on the county board, and the sheriff, treasurer and clerk are all in the Democratic camp now. “It was an extremely fulfilling night. It’s an exciting day,” Link said.
The NewsSun  •   11/21/2018

After final count, Democrats gain control of Lake County Board
With the last votes from the Nov. 6 election finally counted, Democrats have a majority on the Lake County Board for the first time in the county's 179-year history. And Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran -- who won office as a Democrat in 2006 and infamously jumped to the GOP two years later -- looks to be out of a job.
Daily Herald  •   11/20/2018

Blue wave washes over Lake County ballot, flipping County Board to Democrats
“It was a blue wave in a lot of ways, but people are more independent these days,” said state Sen. Terry Link of Vernon Hills, the county's Democratic Party chairman. He said that for years, Republicans felt all they had to do was win the primary and they were in office. “Those days are long gone, and I think it escalated this year. We got our message out and got it out strong,”
The NewsSun  •   11/7/2018

Trump effect? Suburbs turn deep blue with Democratic inroads across the board
Perhaps nowhere in the country was Tuesday's Democratic blue wave more devastating to Republicans than in suburban Chicago. In the suburbs, the midterm election flipped at least seven state House and Senate seats to the Democrats and turned 19 county board seats Democratic across six counties.
Daily Herald  •   11/7/2018

Democrats make inroads, and maybe history, in Lake County
Democratic victories for county board seats also have brought the party to the precipice of a historic situation, as no one can remember when -- or if -- the Lake County Board was ever controlled by Democrats.
Daily Herald  •   11/7/2018

Suburbs' congressional representatives all Democrats
"For me, the massive reward is that you get to talk to anybody about anything," Sean Casten said. "The true blessing of this job is that you're expected to be an expert in things that no possible human being could be an expert in. And so going out and meeting with people in all the diversity that they exist is the perk of the job; it's not a penalty."
Daily Herald  •   11/7/2018

Seeing red over Trump and Rauner, Democrats paint suburbs blue
In Lake County, Democrats were celebrating their first majority on the county board in its 182-year history after picking up at least five seats Tuesday night, with two more still a possibility. “I’ve been the chairman of the party for 27 years, and this was the best year we ever had,” said Sen. Terry Link of Vernon Hills, the Lake County Democratic chair. Lake County Democrats also chalked up wins in the county clerk and treasurer races. Link, who has been around long enough to see the pendulum swing both ways, wasn’t quite ready to mark Lake County in permanent blue marker on the political maps. But, he added, “I can predict one thing: it will never be a red county again.”
Chicago Sun-Times  •   11/7/2018

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