We Need Your Help Now More Than Ever

It’s official: There has never been more at stake for the future of our country than right now. Medicare, Social Security, voting rights, women’s rights, minority rights, public education, and our most vulnerable citizens are under attack. Income inequality, already a huge problem, is getting worse by the day. Both nationally and at the state and local level, the middle class and working people are under attack. Progressive values are under attack. But you can help us fight back.

In 2016, Democratic candidates in Lake County did very well. All of our Democratic elected officials were re-elected, we gained a U.S. Senator and a Congressman. We also picked up a county-wide office and Hillary kicked butt. You can help us do even better next time.

We are already planning for 2018, when winning Congressional elections will be vital to protect our rights from Donald Trump and the Republicans in Washington. And we’ll be working for a governor candidate to finally remove Illinois from the clutches of another uncaring billionaire.

The Lake County Democratic Party works towards these goals by attracting and training good Democratic candidates, holding events, recruiting precinct committeemen to get out the Democratic vote, providing information about issues and much more.

We need your help to transform this county and this country into one where the vital needs of people come first. Will you help? Click here to volunteer.

Meet Your Democratic Candidates for Warren Township
Saturday, March 4

7th Annual Community Connection Poetry and Prose Contest
Tuesday, April 18

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Schneider's town hall meeting draws high-octane crowd
Brad Schneider, D-Deerfield, received a standing ovation when he entered his Congress on Your Corner event. "I will tell you the last four weeks have been the longest year of my life," Schneider said. "We have to brace ourselves for a very long struggle, a long resistance, a long battle."
Pioneer Press  •   2/18/2017

Suburbs' new congressmen ready to face steep climb on the 'Hill'
Brad Schneider said he'll continue to fight for people's health care rights, particularly a woman's right to have an abortion. But he realizes he might have a better chance with legislation that tackles issues that aren't so controversial and thus can garner enough bipartisan support to become law.
Daily Herald  •   1/28/2017

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